National or Specialist Leader of Education (NLE/SLE) Support - Typically, NLEs will work with the Headteacher or Principal and SLEs will work with middle and/or senior leaders to undertake the following:

  • Carry out diagnostic visits.
  • Develop action plans, identifying key priorities and SMART targets.
  • Provide one-to-one or group support.
  • Offer coaching and mentoring support.
  • Provide access to resources and training.

The ultimate aim of NLEs and SLEs will always be to contribute significantly to improving the outcomes for children through developing the capacity of leaders in other schools.

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE’s)

At Innovate Teaching School Partnership we have an outstanding team of SLE’s who offer first rate, high quality support in their areas of expertise. SLE’s are middle or senior leaders with a track record of success in their specialism.  They have been selected and trained by Innovate to support whole school improvement. SLE’s can be used both in the short or longer term addressing, for example the delivery of INSET or staff meetings by providing support for whole school priorities.

SLE’s work with fellow leaders to develop leadership capacity, utilising bespoke approaches dependent on the situation and scenarios they have been asked advise and support on

SLE’s also work as CPD deliverers and as researchers contributing to the Innovate Journal.  They can also be coaches/mentors for new leaders.

Innovate SLEs

  • Sally Newton - English
  • Tara Trail - SEN
  • Claire Sadler - Science
  • Elspeth Hamilton - Science
  • Georgina Eales - Science
  • John Martin Shepherd - ICT
  • Emma Barnett-Vincent - Art
  • Sam Watson - Behaviour and Guidance
  • Rachel Cooke - Safeguarding
  • Jane Lear - Academies and School Business and Financial Management

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