Working in partnership for a brighter future for all children. Forward together.

Our Ethos and Vision

We all want the next generation to be better than the current one.  To be able to think differently, make changes to improve, to develop new cures for disease, to be more compassionate and understanding, to be more tolerant and kind.

Teaching is a unique opportunity to help encourage the very things we want for our world’s future.  We are the educational seed sowers, planting the seeds of inspiration that will bloom and flourish for years to come.

It is quite a responsibility. 

Yet all we can do is strive to be better at what we do every single day, to give our young people the platform, the opportunity, the chance to succeed where our generation has not.  The world’s problems will not be solved by one teacher or one teaching school, but what we can do is teach students that the future is theirs to grasp. 
innovate Teaching School Partnership aims to empower as many teachers and schools as possible to be better tomorrow than they are today.  If we do that then the children will be the winners. Forward Together.

The vision of the Teaching School is to create supportive, collaborative connections between partners; drawing on the wide ranging areas of expertise within the partnership and utilising this to create effective, joined up school to school support which supports the needs of the local area and is driven by a foci of developing a self-improving school system. The ethos underlying this vision is one of high expectations and the provision of outstanding engagement with schools which has measurable impact on student progress and outcomes and enhances leadership capacity in schools.

Our Schools

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