Having achieved a 2:1 in English at the University of Leicester in 2005, I then went onto complete my PGCE at Leicester’s School of Education in 2006. After completing my NQT year at Magdalen College School, I moved to Oakgrove School in Milton Keynes in 2007 and have remained ever since.

Working in such a new school meant that I had the opportunity to build and shape aspects of the English department and in 2010 I became the Subject Leader for Media Studies where I selected the GCSE, A-Level and BTEC courses we went on to offer and, working with my team, developed and adapted the curriculum over time. This role enhanced my knowledge of data tracking systems and the need for robust assessment to ensure that students were prepared for their external exams.

In addition to this role, I continued to contribute to the design and provision of the curriculum in English and in 2013 I became an examiner for the AQA English Literature component- a role which has provided me with useful CPD for my own teaching and enabled me to offer internal CPD to the English department here at Oakgrove.

In 2015, I became an SLE for English and since this appointment I have had a number of deployments. One extremely successful deployment involved me working closely with a local primary school to offer some additional provision for their high performance achievers. I liaised with the English department at the school and organised enrichment activities for one of their units or work which culminated in the pupils attending an enhanced activity day here at Oakgrove School where they were able to access our superb facilities including our drama studios and the music studio where they recorded a radio debate.

Following my appointment to SLE in 2015, I also applied for, and successfully secured, the NQT/ITT co-ordinator role at Oakgrove School and since my appointment, I have enhanced and extended the practices that were already in place continuing to work with established providers and extending our partnerships with other local providers to offer quality training to all. I was also able to introduce the Assessment Only Route into teaching and we have had several success stories of unqualified teachers gaining QTS. Throughout my time as ITT Co-ordinator, I have had the opportunity to offer some Subject Specialist Sessions for the Tommy Flowers SCITT and in 2018 I took over the role permanently and, working alongside two colleagues, we have adapted and enhanced the training provision to ensure that trainees have an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of their subject, the curriculum and how to assess the various aspects of the differing key stages.

In addition to frequently leading CPD internally at Oakgrove School, I have recently been deployed to undertake a review of the Teaching and Learning programme over at a local secondary school and I have also been asked to work closely with the Assessment Only Route Co-ordinator on the Tommy Flowers SCITT, where we have met and discussed the provision already in place and opportunities to enhance certain aspects of this provision. I have also interviewed and observed AO trainees and been involved in the decision making process during the 12 week assessment period.

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